Academic Standards:
All students that attend El Puente will learn through a curriculum program that is differentiated to meet various learning styles. We at El Puente have found that students can learn a wider range of skills when teachers can incorporate “real” uses for the curriculum. The “real” use provides more opportunities for projects and hands-on experiences. El Puente High School has adopted the pupil academic standards issued by the governor as executive order no. 326, dated January 13, 1998 (Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.) 

Graduation Requirements 22 credits: 
Core Classes:

• 4 years of English (Composition, Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry, etc.) 

• 3 years of Math (Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Algebra II, etc.) 

• 3 years of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Ecology, etc.) 

• 3 years of Social Studies (World Geography, Citizenship, Economics, United States History, etc.) 

• 0.5 year of Health 

• 1 year of Fine Arts 

• 7.5 credits of elective courses