How to Enroll

Parents or guardians interested in enrolling a student at El Puente High School must complete a Milwaukee Parental Choice Program application. If you’re student has an IEP, please call us to make an appointment for in person registration.

The school’s name for the application is TransCenter for Youth/El Puente, and the application can be found at during the open enrollment periods that are as follows:

  • February 1st – 20th
  • March 1st – 20th
  • April 1st – 22nd
  • May 1st – 20th
  • June 1st – 20th
  • July 1st – 22nd
  • August 1st – 20th
  • September 1st – 16th
  • October 1st – 21st
  • November 1st – 20th
  • December 1st – January 7th

Items you will need in order to enroll include:

  • 2023 tax returns signed and dated, if filed.
  • Proof of SSI for 2023. Documentation that could be used include a year end statement, a 2023 “check stub,” or a copy of a 2023 check from SSI, if applicable.
  • Proof of W-2 for 2023 (for February and April only). Documentation that can be provided proving participation in W-2 in 2022, is either  a year-end statement or statement from the agency granting the participation in W-2, if applicable.
  • Proof of any other assistance program received in the 2023 year, such as Foodshare or kinship, if applicable.
  • Your student’s transcript(s) from previous school(s)
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency which can include any current utility bill (WE Energies), wage statement, current property tax bill or lease agreement (rent receipts are unacceptable), or any correspondence from the government (SSI or W-2 letters or checks).

More About Enrollment Procedures and Fees

Parent/ guardians must complete the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) Application and other eligibility forms during the open enrollment periods. 

At the time of enrollment, both the student and their parent/guardian must sign a “Contract of Responsibility.” 

If the school receives applications from more eligible students than it has Choice seats available, selection of students will be determined on a random basis. However, preference may be given to Choice students already attending the school and their siblings. Schools must notify parents within 60 days of receiving the application of admission or non-admission to the Choice program at the school. Any applicant denied may request to meet with the administration to discuss ineligibility of the application. If the student and his/her family wish to reapply, they will be encouraged to do so in the next application period.

A parent may appeal the denial of admission in writing to the administrator. Denial in the program is based on the ineligible MPCP application/forms, or the household does not reside in the city of Milwaukee. The administration will review the household information to verify that the MPCP application/forms are properly filled out, the household meets the income eligibility requirement, and there is proof of residency. If it is confirmed that the household does not meet the income requirement, or the residency is not in city of Milwaukee, this will be explained in writing by administration within five days of receiving the written parental appeal. (11/6/12)

Students are not charged tuition at El Puente if they qualify for the MPCP. There may be fees for field trips, projects, and other special events. A choice student may choose not to attend the field trip or participate in the activity, avoid the fee and not suffer in any way academically, by class standing, grade or credit. The fees for field trips and other activities will be charged in accordance with choice regulations. (6/11/12)