Students are expected to attend and be on time for all required classes and activities at El Puente. Parent/guardian must call if a student is going to be late or absent. Students who fail to attend classes regularly will be evaluated according to the following standard:

  • Students who fail to attend 75% of their classes will be referred to the social worker/administrator/staff member for evaluation. A parent/guardian conference may be scheduled to discuss the student’s continuation in the program. If no legitimate reason exists for a student’s poor attendance and/or the student fails to follow conditions of a contract of improvement, the student will be dropped. If a parent/guardian/student chooses to appeal the decision, the parent/guardian/student must make the request in writing within three days of the student being dropped. Parent/guardian/student will present his/her case to an administrator of the school. Actions will be decided by an administrator. 
  • Students that attend class 90% of the time are considered to be in good standing as far as attendance is concerned.
  • If, due to illness or some unavoidable conflict a student misses school the student’s parent/guardian must call the school on the day of the absence. The student should also bring in a written explanation signed by the parent or guardian the next day. If the absence is longer than three days for illness, the student is required to bring in a doctor’s excuse. These absences (illness/unavoidable conflict) will still be counted in the student’s overall monthly attendance percentage.

Food and Lunch

Eating at other times than lunch (such as in the classroom) will be at each teacher’s discretion. Eating during the hour after lunch is prohibited in all classrooms. No matter where the student is eating, they will be expected to clean up after themselves and help maintain the clean appearance of the building. All students qualify for free lunch through the Federal Lunch Program*.

After School Activities and Tutoring

There is after school tutoring available with teachers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Extracurricular activities such as Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Basketball, Slam Poetry Robotics Club, Music Club, Art Club, and Chess Club are offered throughout the school year.  Students participating in these programs must be passing all of their classes.

Snow and Other School Closings

El Puente’s snow or other closing policy follows that of Milwaukee Public Schools. You may listen to the local radio or watch local television channels to obtain closing information. If Milwaukee Public Schools has a “NO SCHOOL” announcement, El Puente will also be closed. El Puente will only be closed for bad weather if Milwaukee Public Schools cancels.

School Visitors

Parents, community representatives and El Puente graduates are always welcome in the school building. Students from other schools are not allowed in the building unless prior arrangements are made with the El Puente administration. All visitors must sign in at the office and may be required to show identification.

Parent Involvement

Success cannot be achieved without the cooperation of our parents. Building a thriving environment, conducive to the education of our children, means we must work together. 

Parents will be expected to meet with El Puente staff two times during the school year. There will be parent-teacher conferences each semester. At these conferences, parents will receive evaluations of their student’s progress and have an opportunity to ask questions. 

Parents will also be invited to join various committees and community building groups during the school year. In the school calendar, monthly parent meeting are posted to inform parents about school activities and upcoming events.